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Health Insurance

Due to recent government mandates and the creation of the Affordable Care Act, all U.S. citizens must have some form of health insurance. Without coverage, the federal government now levies fines for not having insurance. Depending on income level and several other factors, some residence of Florida may qualify for coverage under the Affordable Care Act. For those who do not meet the requirements, they must obtain insurance through their job or on their own. South Lake Insurance Inc. strives to provide health insurance to not only protect residents of Florida from succumbing to expensive medical bills, but to also ensure they avoid any hefty government fees.

Different Kinds of Health Insurance Plans

Before selecting a particular kind of health insurance, it is very important to contact any current healthcare providers to find out what coverage they accept. Not all providers accept all insurance, so understanding the plans in order to maintain continual coverage with the same providers is a must.

With regards to kinds of health insurance, the coverage is broken down into three different categories: major medical plans, qualified health plans and catastrophic plans. The catastrophic plans are, more or less, plans to help individuals avoid fines from the government for not having coverage. The insurance does not cover much outside of catastrophic events (major illness, accident or other medical issue).

What the Insurance Plans Can Cover

Recipients of any of the three blanket plans will not be subject to a tax penalty in 2016. South Lake Insurance Inc. does provide a variety of plans that fall under each category, so customers in Florida are able to obtain a more tailor made form of insurance. It is possible to buy qualified health plans and catastrophic plans through an on state exchange while all three cover ACA mandated benefits. However, for clients who receive a government subsidy to help find the right insurance coverage, only qualified health plans are covered.