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Auto Insurance

The state of Florida requires that vehicle owners maintain an auto insurance policy. State law requires all vehicle registrants to present proof of purchased Florida auto insurance. While Bodily Injury Liability is not required by law for all drivers, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles can order a driver to acquire this type of coverage if they have a history of unsafe driving convictions. Many drivers choose to buy collision coverage and comprehensive coverage, as well. These coverage types provide insurance protection for the driver's vehicle.

Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowners insurance is meant for the protection of the homeowner. This insurance will be purchased in an amount that matches the value of the home and its contents. Every policy is different, but most homeowner’s policies cover the home and its contents in the event of theft, vandalism, and various disasters. Not every natural disaster may be covered, so it is important to speak to your agent about purchasing add-on coverage known as riders if necessary.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance coverage is meant for the business owner who wants to protect their company and their company property. This kind of insurance not only extends coverage to the business structures and contents, but also to the business owner's employees in the form of workers comp insurance. Premises liability coverage is also included in most commercial insurance policies. This coverage provides protection from legal actions that individuals might file if they are injured on the premises.

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